The Unknown

Always, the unknown
It haunts my mind
What if, and why
These answers, I never find

Suspenseful is life
Day in and day out
Random curve balls
Trepidation and doubt

Should I, or not?
Expecting the worst
Drowning in last
Trying to swim to first

Chaos is unrelenting
Bound by chains
Desperate to break free
Away from the pain


The clouds tell a story
Roaming over the sky
Moving with the wind
Passing Earth by

Calling out the weather
Bringing forth the pain
Easing aches, and brokenness
Bringing forth the rain

Creating many a shadow
Blackening the sun
An eery view of silence
So(u)lar eclipse has begun

Shapes form an image
Words cannot express
A living, breathing being
Known to cause unrest

Lost in Ink

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Emotionally, I’m tired
Mental exhaustion reigns
Consuming my energy
Smiles are feigned

In the form of a succubus
Anxiety consumes
Depression rises
Night without a moon

Darkness surrounds
An eclipse appears
Wrapped in blackness
Drowning in silent tears

Lulled into submission
Alone, in my mind
Shivering in doubt
Positivity denied

Paint Me By Number

Paint me by number
Piece by piece
Long since forgotten
How to be free

Blue for my eyes
As tears do fall
Sorrow-filled iris’
Lost in afflicted thrall

Red for my lips
Secrets untold
Bleeding from within
Caught in danger’s hold

Jagged, faded scars
In colors of pink
Each one revealing
Pain’s solid link

Hues of purple
Dotting my skin
The hurt has spilled out
Leaking from within

Crimson for my heart
As it bleeds so freely
Wrap me in a bow,
I’m broken, yet still feeling

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