The Unknown

Always, the unknownIt haunts my mindWhat if, and whyThese answers, I never find Suspenseful is lifeDay in and day outRandom curve ballsTrepidation and doubt Should I, or not?Expecting the worstDrowning in lastTrying to swim to first Chaos is unrelentingBound by chainsDesperate to break freeAway from the pain


Exposed, like a nerveEmotions run far, and deepVulnerable to painQuick to weep Breaking apartLike shattered glassShards of afflictionsThrough my veins, they pass Ripped apartLike a shirt at its seamsFragile, and sensitiveMy insecurities gleam Raw, open woundsOoze their lossBlood, and goreSuch is the cost

Side Effects

Heart medicines, and surgerySure takes their tollHarsh on the bodyHard on the soul Here I am, nowLosing my hairMy stomach in knotsIt just seems so unfair I’m grateful I’m aliveThis much is trueBut, the insanity in my bodyIs extremely uncool I’m struggling, dailyIn my journey of healingBut, I can’t just give upNo matter how badContinue reading “Side Effects”

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