The Unknown

Always, the unknownIt haunts my mindWhat if, and whyThese answers, I never find Suspenseful is lifeDay in and day outRandom curve ballsTrepidation and doubt Should I, or not?Expecting the worstDrowning in lastTrying to swim to first Chaos is unrelentingBound by chainsDesperate to break freeAway from the pain

Paint Me By Number

Paint me by numberPiece by pieceLong since forgottenHow to be free Blue for my eyesAs tears do fallSorrow-filled iris’Lost in afflicted thrall Red for my lipsSecrets untoldBleeding from withinCaught in danger’s hold Jagged, faded scarsIn colors of pinkEach one revealingPain’s solid link Hues of purpleDotting my skinThe hurt has spilled outLeaking from within Crimson forContinue reading “Paint Me By Number”


Blue eyesagainst alabaster skinPlump, red lipsshaped like a heartJet black haircaresses supple shouldersA blossoming bosomsits soft, and roundCurves lead tobillowing hipsLegs for milesbuilt like an amazonPainted red nailshold a lit cigaretteAs smokey eyesobserve their surroundings“Janice, you’re up next..”Her painted lips spreadsmiling into a darkened roomHer raspy voice rings outa song of a broken soulEach cryContinue reading “Janice”

My Way or the Highway

Aghast in utter shockAs their eyes read my wordsWhat kind of mind does she possess?There is darkness in her workPain so beautifully writtenA blessing and a curseEach stanza bobs and weavesSome leave in a hearseFighting inner battlesThroughout every dayGood and evil duke it outOnly one gets their wayThis is just meThis is just how IContinue reading “My Way or the Highway”


Exposed, like a nerveEmotions run far, and deepVulnerable to painQuick to weep Breaking apartLike shattered glassShards of afflictionsThrough my veins, they pass Ripped apartLike a shirt at its seamsFragile, and sensitiveMy insecurities gleam Raw, open woundsOoze their lossBlood, and goreSuch is the cost

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