The Unknown

Always, the unknownIt haunts my mindWhat if, and whyThese answers, I never find Suspenseful is lifeDay in and day outRandom curve ballsTrepidation and doubt Should I, or not?Expecting the worstDrowning in lastTrying to swim to first Chaos is unrelentingBound by chainsDesperate to break freeAway from the pain

Sea Side

An ocean of unspoken thoughtsTumble into its wavesTears mix with seaThey travel into a caveTrapped inside its cavernEchos all aroundWater slams against chestChoking, the only soundMixed with weak whimpersAs a body feels like leadAway from shore, I’m drowningWeighted down with dreadConsumed by darkened fervorSurrounded by endless brineAdrift, and all aloneSoaked by dirt and grime

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