Blue eyesagainst alabaster skinPlump, red lipsshaped like a heartJet black haircaresses supple shouldersA blossoming bosomsits soft, and roundCurves lead tobillowing hipsLegs for milesbuilt like an amazonPainted red nailshold a lit cigaretteAs smokey eyesobserve their surroundings“Janice, you’re up next..”Her painted lips spreadsmiling into a darkened roomHer raspy voice rings outa song of a broken soulEach cryContinue reading “Janice”

Types of Poems I Write:

Tanka: 5 Lines: 5,7,5,7,7 for syllables per line. Gogyohka: 5 Lines: No certain number of syllables per line. Haiku: 3 Lines: 5,7,5 for syllables per line. Nature in each line. Senryū: 3 Lines: 5,7,5 for syllables per line, doesn’t have to have nature in each line, leans more towards human emotion. Free Verse: No specificContinue reading “Types of Poems I Write:”

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