The Unknown

Always, the unknownIt haunts my mindWhat if, and whyThese answers, I never find Suspenseful is lifeDay in and day outRandom curve ballsTrepidation and doubt Should I, or not?Expecting the worstDrowning in lastTrying to swim to first Chaos is unrelentingBound by chainsDesperate to break freeAway from the pain

Paint Me By Number

Paint me by numberPiece by pieceLong since forgottenHow to be free Blue for my eyesAs tears do fallSorrow-filled iris’Lost in afflicted thrall Red for my lipsSecrets untoldBleeding from withinCaught in danger’s hold Jagged, faded scarsIn colors of pinkEach one revealingPain’s solid link Hues of purpleDotting my skinThe hurt has spilled outLeaking from within Crimson forContinue reading “Paint Me By Number”

Chasing Sleep

Midnight came callingsneaking up on meleaving me in bitter darkcrawling on my knees late night racing mindlike a hamster on a wheelno way to shut it offno way to numb the feel on, and on it goesmany, many roundspent up chaos ensuesuntil my body hits the ground hard, and cold, I sighfor silence has comeContinue reading “Chasing Sleep”


Hazy, yellow horizonClaiming all the landCovering all it passesIn yellow-like sand It almost seems foggyWhen eyes roam outsideAlmost as if a cloud of dustIs consuming nature’s mind Eyes begin to burnNoses start to itchA mouth dries like cottonYour sinus’ become a glitch If one must venture outdoorsPrepare to be bombardedFor Spring has arrivedThe season ofContinue reading “Pollen”


Exposed, like a nerveEmotions run far, and deepVulnerable to painQuick to weep Breaking apartLike shattered glassShards of afflictionsThrough my veins, they pass Ripped apartLike a shirt at its seamsFragile, and sensitiveMy insecurities gleam Raw, open woundsOoze their lossBlood, and goreSuch is the cost

The Barn

Rustic in its settingWorn boards do stand outOnce a working barnNow barren, and without The smell of hay lingersFaint cries of  horses neighingImagine chicken’s pecking the groundAnd many pigs a’laying Wallowing in the mudSnorts for food so sweetDucks that quack, cows that mooCalves suckling teets Once, it was aliveChaos all aroundNow it sits in stillnessFilledContinue reading “The Barn”

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