Exposed, like a nerveEmotions run far, and deepVulnerable to painQuick to weep Breaking apartLike shattered glassShards of afflictionsThrough my veins, they pass Ripped apartLike a shirt at its seamsFragile, and sensitiveMy insecurities gleam Raw, open woundsOoze their lossBlood, and goreSuch is the cost

Not A Poem: Success Story

Today is the first time, since my heart transplant, that I’ve reached OVER 5000 steps! I’m ending the night with 8,226 steps, but holy cow!!!! Going from not being able to move anything except my eyes, to having to use a wheelchair, and then a walker, to, now, getting over 4000 steps a day… wow.Continue reading “Not A Poem: Success Story”

Almost 6 Months Post Transplant: Not a Poem

Without my donor, I wouldn’t be here. Without my surgeon, and his team, I wouldn’t be here, either. March 11th, 2021 will be my 6 month heartiversary. Today, I was able to see my surgeon, and also some members of his team that have been there since day one. I am so grateful for God,Continue reading “Almost 6 Months Post Transplant: Not a Poem”

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