The clouds tell a storyRoaming over the skyMoving with the windPassing Earth by Calling out the weatherBringing forth the painEasing aches, and brokennessBringing forth the rain Creating many a shadowBlackening the sunAn eery view of silenceSo(u)lar eclipse has begun Shapes form an imageWords cannot expressA living, breathing beingKnown to cause unrest

Paint Me By Number

Paint me by numberPiece by pieceLong since forgottenHow to be free Blue for my eyesAs tears do fallSorrow-filled iris’Lost in afflicted thrall Red for my lipsSecrets untoldBleeding from withinCaught in danger’s hold Jagged, faded scarsIn colors of pinkEach one revealingPain’s solid link Hues of purpleDotting my skinThe hurt has spilled outLeaking from within Crimson forContinue reading “Paint Me By Number”

USS Bonhomme Richard LHD-6

**** I served in the US NAVY, for four years on this ship. She was recently set ablaze, and now is decommissioned, on her way to be dismantled. My heart hurts. **** Seeing you without your mastcuts me to the core,Seeing you so bare and emptyhurts me even more.You once stood proud and tall,against aContinue reading “USS Bonhomme Richard LHD-6”

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